Hi, my name is Jaume Teruel.


I was born and grew up in Barcelona. I am MSc in Industrial / Mechanical Engineering at Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya and Executive MBA at Universitat de Barcelona.

You can take a look at my blog, view the pictures posted on Flickr, visit my tweets, browse my videos or add my facebook / linkedin accounts where you can get an idea of my hobbies. And if you have any questions or suggestions, please send it to the following address: jaumeteruel [at] gmail [dot] com

By the way, welcome to my personal website.

Some Pictures & Videos of me

Rowing Championship training, Banyoles 2016.

Heineken Roeivienkamp Regatta, Amsterdam 2015.

Head of the River Race, London 2014.

East Coast, Boston & New York 2013.

Cold Christmas, Berlin 2012.

National Parks, Yellowstone 2012.

The Windy City, Chicago 2012.

How to do a handstand, Washington 2012.

A brief moment on the brink of the abyss, Grand Canyon 2011.

Mountain Biking, March 1997 I think.

Cousins meeting, 1985.

Celebrating my first birthday with Joan Teruel, December 1980.